XBLISS encourages sexual exploration by providing the tools and toys to enhance the experience in a safe, inclusive, respectful environment. We want our packaging to feel just as inclusive, to allow for the product to be felt, touched, and experienced without being trapped in a stuffy box or being clumsily hung, forgotten in a back corner. Standing front and centre, our new packaging fully embraces the sexy unpacking experiencing and allows for the product to speaks for itself and show off its sexy side.



Stimulate sensuality and promote sexual exploration. This dark, intimate design, matched with the product and packaging offers up a striking combination.

Durable Materials

Made from a thick high-density board allowing the product to be removed continuously for consumers to size the product while still maintaining the packaging quality and integrity.

Display Apeal

This packaging was developed for the ultimate shelf appeal. Hanging cleanly on store racking to enhance the consumer experience with its sleek and sexy design.

XBLISS Standard Cuff Packaging

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